​ARG understands that your most valuable resource is people. Whether you need temporary support for a limited project or you are looking for the perfect candidate to fill a core position, our dedicated recruiters are devoted to pinpoint placements. From receptionists and filing clerks to professional paralegals and seasoned attorneys, ARG has developed a sophisticated network of viable candidates for every resource need.  Contact us today, and let ARG alleviate the burden of searching for qualified personnel resources.

Document Services/Reprographics

ARG provides a multitude of document services to our clients in the legal industry. Our services include digital color and B&W copying and printing in various sizes and formats, digital numbering of documents and images, multiple binding and finishing options, blowups for trial exhibits, as well as audio/video duplication and editing. Contact us for more information or to schedule a job.   

Records Acquisition

In need of records to litigate your case?​ We have experience retrieving many types of records from all over the country. ARG can prepare and process your Deposition on Written Questions, Records by Authorization and subpoenas. Our proprietary management software provides you with easy online access to all of your records and status reports. Our clients consistently see 33%-50% reductions in record retrieval costs compared to their previous vendors. ARG can help you reduce up-front litigation costs and put more money in your client's pocket at settlement.

Local/National Court Reporting

Let Allegiant Resource Group schedule an experienced court reporter for your next deposition, mediation or arbitration, nationwide. We offer multiple transcript options including condensed, E-transcript and pdf. You will have 24/7 online access to all of your transcripts and Notices. 

Our Services

Document Retention

ARG understands the ever changing legal landscape and the demands you face to stay competitive on behalf of your clients. Electronic retention of records and documents is a fast evolving and undeniable necessity in the world in which we now live and work. However, there is no need for the complexities of this industry to overwhelm your staff and your firm. Let ARG service specialists handle the integration for you. Our scanning systems coupled with our proprietary online repository ensure ARG is well-positioned to handle any scope of project. 

Document Destruction

Safe, secure and reliable destruction of documents, both paper and electronic, is a must for any law firm concerned with ethical practices. From HIPAA issues to client confidentiality to firm security, every law firm today faces the issue of how to get rid of what is no longer needed. ARG understands and fully comprehends the issues our clients face, and we are fiercely dedicated to protecting their integrity. We follow all NAID standards and offer Certificates of Destruction so our clients can always rest assured their data has been safely handled and destroyed. CONTACT US TODAY TO FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN ELIMINATE YOUR DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION COSTS! 

Process Service

Allegiant Resource Group understands the importance of timely process of service and you can rely on us to serve your subpoenas in State and Federal Court​. We offer pickup and delivery, as well as evening, weekend and "sit on" services. We provide expedited services and timely status reports for your convenience and peace of mind. Contact us for more information or to schedule a process request.

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Project Management

​​We understand that litigation support is much more than medical records and transcripts.  At ARG, our goal is to provide a full suite of litigation support services to assist our clients through each phase of a litigation. ARG has managed document production projects consisting of MILLIONS of pages of records requiring redaction, bates numbering, copying and scanning; coordinated and managed deposition projects involving THOUSANDS of depositions all over the country; and managed the distribution of over half a BILLION in settlement monies to tens of thousands of claimants. ARG has the knowledge and experience required to help your firm navigate the complexities of any mass-tort litigation.